Bring Your Own Book

The game of books and borrowed phrases.

The Game

Bring Your Own Book is the game of borrowed phrases, where players search through books for text to take way out of context.

It's easy. Players take turns drawing prompts from the deck, then race to find the best phrase in their own book that satisfies the prompt. Since you can use a different book each time, you can play it with any audience, and there's a practically infinite supply of source material.

What's the tastiest “name for a candy bar” in that history textbook you're reading for school? How quickly can you find “lyrics from a country western song” in your dog-training guide? What kind of “advice for graduating seniors” will appear in your anthology of limericks?

Grab a copy of Bring Your Own Book and find out!

About the limited edition

We still have copies of the Bring Your Own Book first printing, funded through Kickstarter, complete with all the stretch goals and special touches: bookmarks, ribbons, gold foil stamping, etc. Available to purchase while supplies last. Ships worldwide.

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About the retail edition

Published by Gamewright, this version contains all the prompts and features from the core game. It's available to buy anywhere your favorite games are sold.

More details on Gamewright's site.

About the digital edition

We've been hard at work transferring all that's great about Bring Your Own Book into an app for your phone or tablet. All the prompts and game modes, plus the ability to customize settings. Sign up for our mailing list and we'll send you all the info when the app arrives.

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